Monday, 15 June 2015

We Aren't Called Burgenland For Nothing...

It's the details that colour in our lives with a breathtaking spectrum.

Our lives are geared to rushing around and trying to accomplish everything at once. Multi-tasking isn't a skill once only had by successful executives but a skill now honed to perfection by even Aunt Mavis.

We are so busy trying to get it all in ( and often that ' in ' is having enough fodder for the Smartphone and news stream ) that we only take time to skim the surface. Like Fool's Gold...all shine but no substance. Of course it looks pretty on Facebook but when did we start to live our lives to cater to our virtual friends?

Apart from rushing around on holiday trying to get your money's worth, half the time you're bent over an iPhone answering banal enquiries. Whatever happened to having the holiday-debriefing at the end of it, with a lot of wine and good friends?

Anyway, life has so many attractions to offer even in our little part of the world. In fact we have got a smorgasbord of castles and fortresses...we aren't called Burgenland for nothing.

Bob and I, in our first year here made a point of using Sundays to explore our area and often we'd visit a castle. My word, these castle are an amazing and beautiful part of history that we are fortunate enough to still be able to explore for real. Moving around a castle is exhilarating and humbling at the same time.

History is a great teacher because it shows us what could and can be done without the use of modern equipment or technology. When I walk into the various tracts and rooms of a castle, I can't help but imagine how life must have been back then in the middle ages.

We are blessed with so many stunning attractions, be it a Buschenschank held by a vintner with the accolade of having created the best red wine in Austria, be it the picturesque landscapes so synonymous with Burgenland or just a divine tasting Schnitzel eaten at a scenic spot and enhanced by either a Puntigamer or a Grüner Veltliner.

If and when you come for a peek into the lusciousness of Burgenland, please take enough time to let it soak in...

Taking the time to see the details is like taking a crayon and filling in the grey spots of your live. Certainly not necessary but oh so nice when you do.