Friday, 26 June 2015

A Surefire Way To Get To The End Of The Grexit Negotiations In Brussels.

Gosh, it's becoming a bit of a farce.

How hard can it be to get the the bottom of negotiations in Brussels? They have been at it for far too long and if this scenario was happening in the real world that you and I live in, it would go like this:

" Great Uncle Charlie, I've overspent, run out of money and please could you lend me some money to pay the bills? "

" Look, I'll help you but you need to downscale your lifestyle drastically! I also want to look at your accounts to see you're not wasting my hard earned money. "

...and you know what, we would all do it because the alternative would be too ghastly. At least that is how I tend to think.

What I would like to know is who pays the bills of all those delegates in Brussels? I don't think that they are staying at youth hostels or two star hotels. Luxury all the way is my guess.

Well then, who pays those bills all those weeks on end?
Somehow I am afraid that the taxpayers across Europe are footing the bill. That seems like adding insult to injury...

If each of the delegates who are negotiating ( and wouldn't they make super poker players... ) were to be forced to pay their own way, results would have been had long ago.

A stay in Brussels can't be cheap and if they would have to wine and dine out of their own pocket, the ink would have dried long ago. On Tuesday the world was told that by Friday the deal would be made. Oh, now a weekend is added on for negotiations and that means more bills to pay.

Let the everyone who is negotiating the Grexit dilemma, pay out of their own pocket for room & board, and you'll see how quick results are reached...