Monday, 22 June 2015

Principles Shouldn't Be Like A Pair Of Shoes.

You need one to walk, but the other to go through life.

A lot of people only pay lip-service to the principles they profess to have. They choose to live by them only when it is suitable. Like that pair of shoes that they kick off the minute they walk through their door...

Our modern world is so complex, fast moving and often difficult to navigate, that it is really essential to have a compass for this task. An inner compass to buffer us from being tossed about in the torrent of our hectic lifestyle.

Principles are what keep us sane, on the straight and narrow and most importantly feeling good within ourselves. Here are a few principles that should go mainstream!

  • Respect,
  • Honesty
  • Kindness
  • Empathy

Standing up for one's principles and believes is far from easy in today's society. Often the line of right and wrong seems blurred due to the ease of the Internet. But, deep down we all know when we are standing on the wrong side of the blurred line.

" Oh you know, everyone is doing it, why shouldn't I ? "
" Oh, come on, no one will know! "

Our parents send us out into the world with a broad outline and basis to live our lives well. They love us enough to take the time and effort to show us by example, but each of us gets to hone and craft our own set of believes and principles each and every day of our lives, once we leave this haven called home.

Choices are thrown at us and only by standing and living up to our principles, do we carve our rough inner diamond ( and we all have the rough diamond in us ) into a flawless gem. An inner gem, that shines bright and powerful and makes us beautiful.