Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Essence Of Our New Lifestyle Seems To Be In A Jar Of Riebeseljam.

A family visit and food?

A life lived in South Africa is unique and also fortunate ( for some that is ). Most women have the luxury of a maid and the life that goes with it. Manicured nails for a starter. Something that went out the window very quickly for me, after the first few weeks of doing my own housework.

Perhaps that lifestyle of having maids and gardeners is one of the reasons why a lot of South Africans living overseas are on the social media platforms lamenting their departure from the shores of that somewhat cushy way of life.

Mum phoned yesterday to invite us to for a ' grill-evening ' which we always look forward to because of its good food and divine wine! Not forgetting the company which has swelled by two. Family from S.A. is here for just over a week. Nice! ( Hee hee, on the way there Schatzi & I played Rock, Paper, Scissors as to who would be the designated driver...not me! )

As I knew that we'd have ice cream, I casually suggested to Bob that we should make Riebeseljam as a topping for the ice cream. I didn't have to ask twice. We were making jam.

Last night while we were sitting there, we were asked a few times:

" Really, do you like living here? Are you sure. Bob, be honest! "
and you know what, both of us didn't hesitate for a second. Perhaps they didn't believe us or perhaps they thought that no one would like living in such a tiny village.

But here's the thing. It is because we are fortunate enough to live in a small place, and a wonderful place like Eisenberg to boot ( and of course being close to family ), that we are thriving in our new life.

Making jam might seem insignificant, but it is the essence of what we love about our life & lifestyle here in Burgenland. To make this jam, we took two bowls and meandered down our lane to one of our neighbours house. On the way, we stopped and had a few chats with some other neighbours ( oh yes, no one is hiding behind two meter high garden walls ).

A lady had kindly offered us her Riebesel fruit and all I had to do was knock on her door and tell her that Bob and I would pick them. While we did, she came and chatted to us. Lovely. Just as we finished, her neighbour, who has a huge cherry tree ( co-incidentally Bob had eyed those cherries earlier ) invited us to pick as many as we'd like the following week. Just like that!

The cherry on the cake ( ! ) is the pure and simple truth, that only since we've moved here do we have the luxury of spending quality time together such as making jam...and making jam is one of those activities that shows you how a simple life can be the best life..