Friday, 31 March 2017

A Change Of Clothing Reveals All.

Who's got more...

Before your thoughts lead you into questionable territory, let me be more specific and explain this change over. As the end of March is upon us both of us decided to rotate the winter clothes with our summer ones.

It sounds rather high tech yet is anything but. We have two old suitcases which double as a spare wardrobe up in the barn. Strangely enough they are perfect for storage as no mould, dust or dirt has gone into our clothes. Each seasonal lot lies there for at least six months. We've done it for the last five years and will carry on doing so.

Our barn is perfect to store anything even Bob's CD collection in a hermetically sealed plastic box. Of course he is fighting me tooth and nail about it which I find a bit rich considering that he hardly ever listens to them anymore. In fact, they were brought over from S.A. and even then they had been collecting dust.

Do you also find it frightening at how quickly we collect stuff? Stuff we don't need, wear or use for months at a time. I know that I tell myself this every time I de-clutter, but from now on I'll try and be more ruthless in throwing stuff out or better yet, not collect it in the first place.

But back to our wardrobe cleansing...Bob is fond of mentioning things like;

" Your clothes take up all the space in our cupboard. "
" I have next to nothing to wear. "

Well, there we both were yesterday afternoon engaging in de-cluttering and changing over the contents of our cupboard. He was adamant that this time around he'd give away any item he hasn't worn in a, which year one wonders as he didn't throw much out.

Surprisingly or maybe not considering my few trusted garments ( nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more ), I was finished before Bob even started. At first I jokingly told him that he did have many more clothes than me but the more I watched him unpack for example nine pairs of shorts, twenty t-shirts and so on, it dawned on me that in fact, in our family Bob seems to be the fashionista.