Friday, 24 March 2017

Fun On The Eisenberg.

Running after mum!

Yesterday was Kellerstock-spring-clean for us and knowing I'd be either covered in dust, dirt or cobwebs I chose my outfit wisely. Sweats, hand knitted psychedelic socks and Birkenstocks. A look that really typecast me as a German extra.

As you know, one lane on the Eisenberg vineyard is being dug up for a new sewerage system. Well, it was the road we needed to traverse. Half is under construction and the other is passable but perhaps more suited to a four wheel drive. It happened on our way home.

Coming round the last corner we saw a huge truck ahead, blocking the road and off-loading pieces of the sewerage system. Even with ingenuity we'd not be able to pass it. Only one option. Reverse and turn. Easily said and done considering it is a small rural lane with ditches on either side. Definitely not the easiest of places to reverse.

I had just gotten out of the car to enquire from the truck drive about the best option and gesticulated to my mum that she'd have to turn around when she started to reverse the car up the road with me walking behind.

She reversed for a long stretch and having seen a couple of turning opportunities I wondered whether she was going to reverse the car all the way back. Remember I was following her on foot, dressed for cleaning and not for walking. Had she forgotten me, or did she think a bit of a walk would do me good? Gosh it felt like miles but perhaps was closer to a hundred meters or so!

Eventually, she stopped and found a gap to turn and thankfully let me get into the car. I must say, mum reversed to car with more gusto than I would have and with more certainty and accuracy. I was just ever so grateful that she didn't leave me to walk after her.

Life in rural bliss is never boring, always fun and never the same. Love it.