Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Adieu Winter, Hello Spring.

The buds of Eisenberg.

A new beginning and this one holds the promise of a mauve Hydrangia. Luckily outside our front door. Perpetual beauty.
We decided to use one of the many old pots we inherited with the house and use it as a flower pot. This will be the third year that the purple flowers are growing. By the way, they were Feng Shui seeds. For wealth and abundance.
Tulips are waking up all over the neighbourhood. Amazing to follow their budding and blossoming. April is one of the nicest months in our area. Everything is alive.
Their are parts of the vineyards which are framed by the lovely yellow shrub. A feast for the eyes.
These seemingly ordinary shrubs do provide a breath of fresh air...
Last but not least, the onion of Eisenberg. A monument of sorts which I do find rather ugly yet it serves a purpose. Locals use it as a compass point when describing a walk etc.