Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Gratitude Of Knowing That A Rustle Of Leaves In The Forest Is Just That.

Dropping the mantle of fearfulness.

A lot of people are either amazed or fed up ( for setting an example ) with me walking most days and all year round. I am pretty sure that they equate me with that other obsessive runner, the one who runs every day. Although he is as thin as can be.

How does one explain to people that previously in South Africa it was too dangerous to walk alone. One could, but why bait fate? Usually I had a big pepper spray can along for walks. Ironically, after years of walking with it I found out that it would have never does one test it? Couldn't have done that to Bob, now could I?

Anyway, it was drizzling yesterday morning and I pretended I was made of sugar and stayed indoors. When the skies cleared in the afternoon, I decided to go for a late walk after work. A walk that would take me to dusk and lack of light.

Starting off through the forest I was ever so pleased to know that when I heard a loud rustling of leaves, it was either a deer, a rabbit or a field mouse. No need to panic or run and that feeling is priceless. Gosh, I could walk there in the middle of the night if it weren't for the hunters possibly mistaking me for a deer.

The simplicity of a walk is anything but. Walking for me is a reminder how wonderful it is not to live in fear. The constant reminders of danger, such as walking into shopping malls and having to go through security, not to mention the banks, where armed guards are the order of the day are gone.

Sometimes on Facebook, I see photos of dinner parties or lunches posted by friends in S.A. and suddenly I realize how horrid it was to live behind bars so to say. Every window is burglar barred, turning a lovely and often luxurious home into a gilded cage. Of course South Africa is stunning and gives one a good lifestyle, but only now, seeing the way life should be, I am so very grateful and walk with joy and abandon.