Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Channel Of Eisenberg.

No no, not Chanel but Channel, a scent with a difference!

Honestly, I have to admit it was a first for me to hear of a Sickergrube. In fact we have one at our house but have filled it up with the remnants of building. What is it? Well, not everyone is connected to a Kanal, or as is often translated as a channel, and is an actual sewerage system.

Not that long ago most of the world wasn't connected to a sewerage system and had to use septic tanks. We who are so used to pressing a button and never giving the journey a thought, don't realize how lucky we are. Without connection to the grid, the grid of sewerage, the offline life means having to have your Sickergrube ( septic tank ) pumped out every so often and it is an art form to empty it just in time.

Eh, I've been privy to the deed of checking whether the tank needs to be pumped out and let me tell you, a whiff of eau de channel hit me straight away never mind the yucky sight. My admiration to the farmers who come and pump out the various septic tanks still in use. No smell of roses there!

There are still a few homes in our village surrounds that are sans the magic flutes. Oh, don't worry, the loo, bathroom and kitchen are like any other with taps etc, but instead of the waste joining the grid, it is collected and stored in a septic tank somewhere underneath the garden.

As I've mentioned before Eisenberg is a happening place and a big Kellerstock is being built in the vineyards on a stretch along a hitherto offline path. They are the bit that moved the scale and the powers that be have ordered this lane to be connected to the sewerage grid. Not an easy undertaking as the road has to be dug up to put the pipes in and each house will have to put its own pipes in to connect to the main one.

By the end of may this year, it will be done and dusted...and all the homeowners along the stretch are already grinning from ear to ear with cheer.