Sunday, 12 March 2017

Saturday Evening, A Holiday Of Sorts.

The mini break we all count the days for.

Do you also treat a Saturday evening differently from let's say a Wednesday evening? There is just something so wonderfully special about being able to sleep in on a Sunday. Unless you prescribe to one of the lofty realms. No sleeping in at all then.

Being over that magical threshold of eh, forty odd, I have long since ceased that need for going out just for the sake of it. What in my twenties would have been a tedious and boring way to spend an evening, now is the best thing in the world. Staying in, comfortable leisure wear, bowl of chips, nice movie and a supper of unhealthy food sounds about as good as it gets.

Bob is enthralled by the latest Dan Brown novel and boldly stated last night:

" I don't want to stay up late in front of the TV because I want to rather read my book. "
fair enough, I hurried to make a our supper consisting of pasta & blue cheese, and was a bit surprised when I woke up after the eight o'clock movie and Bob was still reclining on the couch, clearly in an audible state of slumber.

As I don't like being woken up from a TV snooze, I didn't wake Bob either. He cleverly had plonked himself onto the more comfortable couch and unless I were to wake him, I was pretzled on the smaller couch. Look, it isn't too bad, but a bit narrow.

Narrow only if Princess Mausi chooses to lie by my side. Most of the time she sticks to me like glue. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love feeling her little paws on my shin or leg, but when I turn onto my side, she squeezes herself next to my stomach and if I don't hold her, she'd be sliding off the couch. Not much sleep for me.

The two of us are like a well oiled machine...when I lie on my back, she reclines on my stomach or sometimes between my ankles. When I want to turn onto my side, she's instantly awake, holds on for dear life and once I've settled she finds her spot next to my stomach.

Well, another divine Saturday spent with my two honeys. The simple life, I just adore it.