Saturday, 4 March 2017

Heidi's Blumental Laden, A Feast For The Soul.

A treasure trove of soul candy right here in Grosspetersdorf.

Have you ever entered the portals of a mere shop and known that come hell or impatient husband, you'd spend as much time as possible in it? Well, we've got such a treasure not far from us and the portals are cheerfully painted front gates of a house, which has been converted into a combination of mini shops.

Blumental Laden

Bob and I discovered this shop a few years ago when we traversed villages in our area to drop off business flyers. One forgets that Grosspetersdorf has such delightful hilly lanes with a myriad of eclectic houses that reminds one of Mediterranean villages. The Blumental Laden ( shop ) is in one of these lanes and thankfully the owners didn't fall prey to this modern obsession with making everything ultra modern, ultra sterile and ultra heartless.

As our resolution for lent is to make an effort to shop more local, Bob and I eschewed Oberwart and did our weekly shop in Grosspetersdorf. I needed to get more organic turmeric powder and Bob kindly agreed to drive to this shop, even knowing that my promise to be quick was null and void.

Shopping for example in this shop, one knows that the profits aren't sent to an overseas head office, but that they'd be circulated locally.

The feeling of stepping over the threshold is one of sheer joy. The eyes see interesting bibs and bobs that could easily find a working space in any homely kitchen not to mention the prolific display of organic produce from the farmers of our area. A few people were sitting in the mini coffee nook, shooting the breeze and beaming contentment.

Even though I didn't spent too long in there - Bob was still smiling when I got back to the car - it was a soul refreshing experience. Smiles everywhere, positive ambiance and nobody following one around in that awful watchful habit some shops have. Honesty and trust are still practiced there and funnily enough, shops who still believe in the human integrity, hardly ever fall foul to shoplifters.