Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Early Morning Rattle Through Our Neighbourhood.

Bob's A Happy Camper...

The moped has been awoken from its winter sleep and is as we speak careering through the vineyards. With Bob of course. The last few days have been warm enough to drive it and I actually think that Bob invents errands just so he can feel the wind on the tip of his nose. The only part exposed.

Unlike a lot of families, we are a one car home and of course use the moped for summer. Having been used to a car each in the past, the thought of sharing one did have some trepidation but you know, one car is ample. At times we have scheduling mishaps but they are kept to a minimum and don't warrant having two gas guzzlers.

Not that Bob and I have used the bus system, but it is there. Oberwart to Güssing and in between is easily reached sitting comfortable on a bus. Vienna too, of course. Funnily enough there a several return trips to Vienna because a lot of people commute daily. Imagine, two hours each way!

Just like in any other village, town or city we also have the unspoken car competition...I have arrived because mine's bigger, flashier & more expensive than yours. Let me tell you, the moment someone upgrades their car the tongues are a-wagging. Perhaps it is even a sign of normal human nature.

In a village as small as ours, each car is known even without the owner in it. Number plates are easily memorized ( only two or three digits ) and a friendly neighbourhood information system is a like a walk in the park. One always knows who's visiting whom.

Upgrading one's car and wanting to keep rumours dormant is easily done...just get the same make of car and same colour but newer model. The eyes will be deceived. Or, if you want to contribute to the village news, buy something totally different.

Bob and I have a standing joke between us: In the event that we'll win the lotto, our motto will be to keep it quiet. I would buy a car similar to ours and Bob wants to get a blue Maserati. Oh, yes, nobody will know....