Friday, 17 March 2017

Burgenlander's Are Capturing The Heart & Palate Of Jaded Wine Lovers.

Burgenland, a wine paradise.

There is just something so special about our wines. Oh, I am sure other parts of the world make astounding wines but I have lost my heart to Burgenland and all it entails. Wine, nature and fabulous people.

Where to begin...somehow a few of the new guard of vintners have found a way to translate each bit of clay, earth and old vine into every sip of wine. No pretense, no window dressing just honest, often plain but oh so nice and moreish. If you don't quite believe me ( perhaps I am a bit biased ) then listen to the wine connoisseurs and wine critics around the world.

A handful of young vintners ( a few from our village and the next ) are putting a buzz into wine reviews, wine tastings and most importantly, putting a spring back into jaded wine critics and making their praises simply fly off the pens...

Rather ironic really that Burgenland is the new it place to be when for ages the rest of Austria has thought of Burgenland as its poorer cousin. Of course our region was and is not associated with avant garde city life and all the travails it entails but that is the quintessence of what makes our area so wonderfully livable.

With the advent of these new superstar vintners, Burgenland is leaving its mark on the rest of the world. Just this week, a local winemaker from the next village, Christoph Wachter has set the London wine circles alight. Wow, he hosted a Buschenschank in London and apart from introducing Londoner's to his excellent wines, he showed them a slice of paradise...which must be a welcome change from the hectic rush that life in a metropolis is. Bravo!