Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Windows, Never Underestimate Their Value.

More then mere panes of glass.

They say the eyes are the windows to our soul and somehow, windows are the eyes that lead to knowledge in any village. A twitchy curtain or a shadowy presence are tell tale signs.

Any village has its hot spots for twitchy curtains and there is the starting gate for the village information exchange. A seat at the window can reveal so much in any small village; such as who drove where, at what time and with whom! Clocks are set by habits of others and woe be those that change their schedule. Questions at the next encounter...even I have been privy to those;

" Why did you walk so late this morning? "

Our village reminds me often of the fictional St. Mary's Meade and the only thing different is the lack of murders that Miss Marple would solve. Of course the center point to village news is and always will be the village shop. Only yesterday I was queuing up to pay when I noticed ( well, I couldn't not notice ) a three way exchange about a recent departure of someone appearently much too young.

As sad as these tidings are, it was interesting to get a glimpse of the news gathering. It usually has relative who found out and then another distant relative ( of either the poor departed or the one who gained the tidbit ) who confirms it. Eh voila, news is here before it's printed in the newspaper.

Sitting with a high school student and applying algebra to English past tense, I was highly amused when even he stopped and looked out the window when an unexpected vehicle chose to motor passed.

" Why is he driving through the vineyards? "

As for the algebra...yet another way to make English less liked by the kids. A test question will have a base sentence Tom eats a sandwich for lunch. and next to it, a (-), (+) and (?) which has confused many a student. Negate & put right and make a question.

As for sitting next to a window with a view, it doesn't sound like such a bad idea to while the time away but alas, Bob and I have windows so high that all we'd see would be the heads of the taller villagers.


A different sort of window dwellers...Tigger & Mausi keeping an eye out.