Monday, 27 March 2017

And The Socks Come Off.

Almost a sort of March madness...

This weekend was one of late nights and not too much sleep which seems to have been abetted by the time change. Oh yes, we've reached that part of the year again where time is adjusted and confusion is aplenty.

If it weren't for our computer automatically ( sort of scary, realizing how much power over our personal space these machines have ) updating the time, I would still be behind the times. One can put the first day into the limbo section of time. After all, nobody really knows what to do with that extra hour yesterday.

Even Mausi was caught out by it. Her internal clock hasn't changed at all and we found out by the simple fact that when the clock struck six last night, she wasn't bothered to start organizing her food. She was rather amazed with a touch of confusion thrown in for good measure, when her plate was filled without her having to meouw or snuggle up first. More than that, she wasn't that hungry yet.

The weather gods have sent us a batch of sunny and warm days which aids in navigating this time change. It is getting warm enough to leave the main oven dormant and only use that magical stove in our kitchen. Our old fashioned Aga-like stove is brilliant and only needs a bit of wood to light it.

This morning I happened to glance at my feet and noticed that the socks had come off...Yes, winter has gone for good. Summer, here we come.