Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Quiet Buzz Roaming The Neighbourhood.

...a bit strange.

Once I heard it in the middle of the night or rather early in the morning due to the window being a tad bit open. It sounds like a swish that keeps on going passed at a very slow pace. Our latest Eisenberg addition, the security patrol.

One car. An electric car, which is all well and green but one hopes that anyone intent on nefarious deeds is at least on foot. This e-car is far from fast. A new initiative from the district and personally I don't see a need for it but some do find it a peaceful thought having it roam passed their homes.

The car is so slow that the lady driving it must by now know all of our habits and peculiarities. At that speed, nothing is a blur and everything is taken note of. Our windows are bare of curtains because windows for us are frames for outside. Interesting if she has worked out Bob and my supper times yet? Or who tends to always leave their car overnight outside a Buschenschank only to be collected the next morning?

The patrol car swooshed passed me this morning as I returned from my walk and I was tres surprised to get an enthusiastic wave from the driver. There are at least two driver taking turns and both look rather Robocop-ish with their dark Ray Bans and short pixie style haircuts. Normally it is a lift of a finger or a nod of the head, but this morning it was a vigorous wave...

The perceived need of this patrol car does tend to have a touch of irony. Ours is a village that has villagers who love to shop for bread and milk while leaving the car with the engine running outside. Oh yes, often it is a smorgasbord of car brands available to hop into. Eh, only for the nefarious inclined of course.

Look, on some levels this new security must be good but it never ever beats the set of eyes behind curtains throughout the village. The grapevine is a security system par excellence.