Thursday, 23 March 2017

Collective Addiction Or Addition To Collect?

We might as well call ourselves the hoarders!

Hoarding, is there anything worse? Spring sort of brings along a thought of spring cleaning. Cleaning out closets. Cleaning long forgotten surfaces and perhaps cleaning out the mind.

Somehow the whole process starts weeks in advance. Usually when the cupboard resembles a scramble of warm clothes. Each day I make plans to sort it out. Cull it down. Make some space. Yet, when standing in front of my side of the cupboard, I stand there looking and not knowing where to start. So, I don't start at all.

Yesterday the bee in my bonnet went rogue and I made some space by throwing out clothes. Stuff I haven't worn for years, stuff that even in my wildest dreams will never fit me and stuff that was worn out. Although, come to think of it there are rumours that those 90's jeans with holes are making a comeback!

Anyway, having that good feeling about me yesterday I thought to transfer it onto the Bobster:

" Schatzi, you know that little corner Schrank with your old CD's in it? Yes, I think it must go and you can put your CDs in a container in the shed. "
Goodness me, one would think those CDs were made of gold. Not to mention that Bob hadn't listened to them for years and quite frankly, if I hadn't reminded him of them being there, he would have forgotten.

Well, hoarding runs in the family and my first attempt at getting Bob to de-clutter, has almost resulted in a marital tiff! Almost, not quite. Hopefully the Bobster has had a good nights sleep and ruminated on the thought of changing his CDs resting place.

Often this need to collect and hoard ( for better or thinner times ) is one of the most stupid ideas I have. Firstly, I hardly ever use, look at or need the things gathering dust and secondly, despite not using them they are akin to a heavy anchor slowing life down. Imagine seeing free shelving in the cupboard and seeing all your clothes straightaway?

This new Tiny House trend has a lot going for it and those owning one, are leaps ahead from the rest of us...