Friday, 10 March 2017

Guessing And Back With An Interesting Detour.

Bob took the scenic route.

It was going to be Oberwart but for the fact that our chariot needed attention. Would you believe it, we have a garage on the outskirts of the village since about two years ago and despite being a small village, this garage is booked out weeks in advance. Fantastic indeed and most would have thought it wouldn't work. Considering that there are two mechanics and the boss it is a runaway success...

Edlitz, where the garage is located is closer to Güssing than Oberwart for us and thus we took the road less traveled. There are a few different roads that lead to Güssing and each one more scenic than the other. Forests and gentle steeping hills are soothing to the soul.

After finishing our shop, we drove home via Strem, and through a whole row of breathtaking villages with my personal favourite ( apart from our own ) of Steinfurt. If you ever have the opportunity, take a gentle detour and instantly feel refreshed. The village council has been clever enough to keep the modern houses built to a minimum and have preserved the authentic feel of a Burgenland village.

Bob is amazing when it comes to directions. He only needs to drive or go somewhere once and the routes are imprinted on his memory. Well, he showed me a hamlet which I had never seen before, a village that is almost like a lost relic amid the forest. Radlingsburg, which surprisingly enough is part of our district.

Breathtakingly romantic, yet sadly almost a ghost town. It is such a treat to stumble across little settlements like this. Burgenland is a collection of villages and that is what makes it so special. People stick together, community comes first and life is more laid back and less hectic or pretentious...well except for a few exceptions.