Sunday, 26 March 2017

Cats & Kids Make Alarm Clocks Optional.

A late night on the town...

Before you think we are party people ( eh, not ) our idea of a late night out is lending a hand behind the scenes of the local theater. Preparing sandwiches and cleaning glasses. Oh, plenty of people in the audience who chit chat with one if only for the chance to secretly feel glad not to be helping out.

The Bobster is a little bit younger than I. A gap that would have seemed scandalously outrageous in high school but oddly now those four years give me ammunition when he moans about my driving.

" Oh please, I was already driving while you were still in short pants! "
And just enough to skim the edges of difference. Whereas I threw in the towel and went home at 11.30 due to my back hurting like mad and my eyelids feeling as heavy as anchors my young buck stayed until two in the morning. Washing glasses continuously with the odd break of chatting with his friends from S.A and Egypt.

Last night was another lesson in psychology...the two young men mentioned earlier live in Vienna, are young, charming and of course good looking. Well, standing behind the counter purveying their arrival was ample to fill a psychology 101 lecture.

These two young men were the honey and the bees and the odd superannuated men kept on circling waiting to give an effusive greeting ( gosh, Bob and I are lucky to even garner a nod from the same lot ). Good grief, at one stage there was a line of older women ( eh slightly older then me ) waiting to bat their eyelids coquettishly, suck in their stomachs and tuck their hair behind an ear. By the way, as handsome as the boys are, they are just as nice and both gentlemen from top to toe. Really, any mother-in-law's dream catch...

But back to our cat...funny how delicate of spirit she is. As Bob and I had been working the last two nights, Mausi had the place to herself. We sometimes speculate if as a revenge for leaving her alone, she'd sit on Bob's pillow or repine on the kitchen table.

Coming home, she was rather skittish and refused to be picked up but once the first hint of Somnus came, I felt her little body nestling in between my ankles. Only this morning at the crack of dawn did I know that all was forgiven. Mausi jumped onto my chest and with her nose touched my nose in order to wake me up. Too cute and when I didn't budge she promptly curled up under my chin, purring like mad. It only took a minute for me to be awake and feel grateful to have this little soul in our lives.