Saturday, 11 March 2017

Caturday Is Crime Scene Day.

A night of fun and games.

As bad as it is for one, a sleep in front of the TV is one of the best. Usually a deep sleep interrupted frequently by screams and gunfire of the various thrillers showing. Often reality and fiction mingle with alarming ease. Was it real or not?

Bob was at the A.G.M. of the fire department last night and thus I had to master a crime scene on my own.

Once you become a cat parent, parental instincts kick in. One can't help it and often it is as if suddenly one has grown an extra pair of eyes and ears. Our feline princess has her routine for just about everything. Bob and I know the theatrics before she does her eh, #2 business and tend to play rock, paper, scissors...someone has to remove the offerings from the litter box after all.

Last night, in the periphery of sleep I took note that the princess was a bit more rambunctious than usual, playing in the entrance hall between our shoes. Oh well, she was having fun.

A little bit later, I felt her running besides my couch and flicking something about. When she threw herself onto my side, I woke up and with startling clarity I noticed a new toy mere centimeters from my face, but still on the floor. That looked new and with a dreadful feeling I got up to switch on the light.

Goodness gracious, Mausi was standing over a little present that she was giving to me. A namesake of hers that thankfully wasn't moving. That meant that I must have slept through a momentous fight between them. The last time I had awoken to such drama, the exhausted little mouse hadn't know where to catch a respite from the big Mausi. I high stepped over it and rushed to the kitchen to fetch a roll of Bounty.

As much as I wanted to scream like a girl, I managed to praise our little gal and make her feel special for killing a mouse. She let me pick up the corpse and watched as I disposed of it out the bedroom window...When Bob came home a bit later, I told him to praise his princess for her cat-ly deed and somehow I got the feeling that he was rather sorry to have missed such a spectacle.


What, me? Mausi, the mouse slayer...