Monday, 6 March 2017

A Sunday Morning Walk Between Two Countries.

Walking in the footsteps of history...

The other side of Deutsch Schützen me, these old barns are fabulous. They elude such character and distinction and yet, sadly the younger set tend to turn their back on them and build modern edifices.
A mere weed to some, but to me it has the look of a crest. A beautiful reminder of how special this land was and is.
How do those village churches always manage to become objects of art? This is the Grossdorf church in Hungary and the fields in front are in Burgenland...
There is a footpath between the two countries, which a few years ago tended to be cloaked by a horrible curtain, which cannot be more spectacular to walk on. Here I espied a glimpse of Eisenberg.
Nothing of note, yet too nice not to share.
A curve in the lane closes the loop nicely. A loop encircling the walker's paradise of Eisenberg...