Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A Simple Monday, What A Great Way To Ease Into The Week.

Nothing much, yet everything.

Unlike the Boomtown Rats, I do like Mondays. A fresh start or in my case an early morning walk with the gals, the Eisenberg gals that is. What can be better than to walk among nature and catch up on the latest going's on in our village.

A few centuries ago, the art of gossip was the only way to garner information and it was an important part of life. Somehow it has carried over into our village. Well, it is more of a

" Have you heard ....? / Did you see...? "
and honestly, I do try and emulate at least one of those infamous Chinese monkeys.

The weather has been rather peculiar lately with a blue sky and sunshine early in the morning and at about ten, the skies cloud over and the odd drop of rain is there. Never mind, at least we got to do the walk with an accompanying orchestra of birds and the odd squirrel crossing our path.

As you know, Eisenberg is as small as can be and most flat dwellers have more people living in their apartment blocks than we do in our village! But as small as we are, we are happening...houses are being bought, built or renovated at rate that most towns would envy.

Thankfully the new owners of an old farmhouse along the main road are choosing to renovate instead of tearing it down. It is a fairly big house and has four windows facing the road. Often in the past, a person's wealth was shown to the world by the number of windows they had. A window meant another room, and most villages are scattered with two, three or four windowed farmhouses.

One of the local wine farmers is building a cottage in the vineyards. A cottage is an understatement as it is huge ( many more windows than four ) and will be a Bed & Breakfast. If all goes according to plan, it will be open from the end of April. Most Mondays we find a route that ensures a walk-by and covert inspection.

At the top of my head, I can count three houses being built or renovated and two houses having recently been sold. Somehow that tells me that we are a happening place or in the vernacular of songs, we are alive & kicking..