Sunday, 13 May 2018

A Boot That Bucks The Trend.

Locked and empty.

After all a car is a car, a functioning car is all one needs and if there are a few minor cosmetic wrinkles, so be it as the alternative would be to walk, take a bus or ride a bicycle.

Our car is and has been super to us and is still going to be and if the only flaw is a boot that refused to open then we don't have a problem. Apart from looking a bit comical at times. Remember, our car is a hatch back (!) with ample boot space to transport goods... or not!

I've got used to it and don't even think about it anymore. Loading stuff into the boot merely means flopping one or both backseats down for a while. That is if the backseat is not occupied.

Of course we've received plenty of sage advice;

" Just go and have it fixed at the garage. "
but our car is nudging towards being an oldie and spending unnecessary money on fixing a problem of convenience is just not worth it.

Saturday morning the husband and I did a shopping excursion to Rechnitz and apart from groceries, my husband bought eight bags of 40 l flowerbed earth. The mink of the manure set...fair enough and we do need it but the logistics only crossed his mind when he had to double park at the store entrance as all those bags are stacked there.

Bob's an optimist because he valiantly tried to open the boot and naturally straight away turned pessimist;

" Oh jeez. This #$%T%RY car!!! "
It having been Saturday morning, a morning before Mother's Day, meant that many were out shopping including the trendy hip Vienna set busy buying the staples of an impending Mother's day breakfast. Bob hated that he had to slink and wangle each and every bag past a collection of groceries on our backseat, while parked right at the entrance for all to see. I sagely stayed silent but helped carry a lot of the bags to him. After a few grouchy comments regarding the rebellious boot hatch, he saw the funny side of it and the fact that our car makes us unique and rather hip ourselves...


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