Friday, 25 May 2018

A Day Fit For Flowers.

The flowery abundance of Eisenberg.

An early morning camera catch. I had forgotten how peaceful and fabulous an early walk can be. Apart from tractors, hares and birds I had nature to myself.
The other day while spending time sorting out our hedge I noticed these beauties. Despite there being an abundance of poppies scattered about, each bunch has a unique attraction. Glad I took the time to photograph them as that evening they fell prey to one of our neighbour's weed eater.
A slight dusting of rain early this morning enhanced the vibrancy of grass and flowers early.
Most meadows filled with wildflowers seem to have an artistic director...
It broke my heart to walk past the next day and only see bits and pieces of red pieces scattered about with bits of grass. This dreadful obsession with neat and tidy lawns!


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