Sunday, 20 May 2018

A Sunday Before A Public Holiday Monday.

The only way is to spend it in a leisurely way.

Most evenings Bob and I settle down on our perspective couches in order to watch a movie, series or cooking show. Straight after supper which tends to translate itself to one of us nodding off and missing a vital part of a series. A case of out of sync which isn't much fun if Bob has to re-watch episodes his darling was asleep for...

After watching our new favourite show ( episode 1 ) at six o'clock this morning, both of us were on the same level of series information as there is nothing worse than constantly being asked:

" Eh? What happened / Who is that character / What's this all about? "
So, both of us are now in the grips of Safe fever and despite wanting to watch the next episode straight away, I decided to circumvent the Eisenberg mountain range. My Sunday treat and as Bob promised not to binge watch while I was gone, all was well.

Remember, it was still early, especially considering that it is a long weekend but for some reason all and Sundry were about. It started off once I got atop the mountain range, well the upper Weinberg really, when I noticed two locals standing at the crossroads obviously waiting for something or someone. As I had to go that way and being a friendly sort, we had a wee chat.

Halfway through it dawned on me why they were standing about. A few of the Eisenberg firemen were walking to Burg on foot in order to attend their Frühschoppen. A yearly event which means walking via or through the forest to Burg. Schoo, lucky escape as encountering a posse of firemen ( pride of lions ) is not for the faint of heart. Teasing galore might have been in store. Yes, I put foot and luckily was one step beyond! Madness, I tell you!

Well, by now they should be on their return trip...I would hate to walk through the forest at night what with foxes and co. roaming about. Many a wife will be phoned for taxi service now in order to spare a tipsy march in the wilds of Eisenberg. I would have done it for Bob had he gone!

Most Sundays will see me walk that particular route around the Eisenberg mainly due to the lack of traffic once I get to the main road. At most two or three cars normally drive past me but this morning it was a constant bit of dodging traffic. At least ten cars dashed past me and I can only deduce that they are going to Burg albeit by car. Next year I will be more traffic savvy.


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