Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Power Of Suggestion.

Our hedge gets a trim.

Late yesterday afternoon I noticed ( heard really ) a flurry of traffic in our road and when I chanced to glance outside our window I saw the mayor's car parked outside it. Oh my gosh, what was going on?

Typically for a procrastinator I rushed about for sixty seconds flat picking up errant socks from the floor, straightening rugs ruffled by Mausi's youthful exuberance and a quick check if the loo was clean.

On the way through to the lounge I told Bob about this parked car and he mumbled something about having seen several guys including our mayor inspecting a garden up the road. The only non conformist garden apart from ours in a road of neat as a pin gardens.

" Schatzi, I fear we are going to get a rebuke about our hedge's joy of growing however it wants."
" Of course not, why would you even think that? "
but I could tell that he was wondering...

This morning during my walk with the Eisenberg gals I found out the real reason for the high and mighty visit of our street and it had nothing to do with our garden, yet to be on the safe side I geared up after my walk to tackle at least part of our hedge. An endless task but rather satisfying afterwards when there is a bit more neatness to it...but not pin neat as I still sort out the hedge the old fashioned way with big gardening shears, a wheelbarrow and a rake.


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