Sunday, 6 May 2018

Summer, Pure & Simple.

The colours of wholeness, goodness and of course, sunshine.

A meadow filled with happiness, abuzz with the happy swirl of bees nourishing and one can only imagine the life beneath it.
The blue irises have bloomed and soon will disappear to hibernate for another year. The vibrancy of their hue is a pleasure to absorb. As you can see, these are mingling with the common weeds but doesn't it make them more authentic?
Another purple beauty spotted early on the verge of a vineyard this morning.
There are no words ample enough to describe the feeling of walking past a meadow brimming with natural purity and vibrancy. Never mind the delectable aromas scenting the air.
A couple of deer heard me approach and gave me a measuring glance before deeming it better to hop off. Some folks run into dears and I run into deer...
One square of concentrated summer is the best screensaver.


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