Friday, 18 May 2018

Recognizing And Being In The Moment.

Never mind waking up to smell the roses, how about this bevy of wild beauties?

Last night I saw a documentary on Netflix about a Buddhist chef from South Korea and it inspired me to be more aware of the moment and of how nature is full of abundant beauty, calmness and peacefulness.
I do realize that these photos are more or less of the same spot of wildflowers I encountered this morning but that is the point. In our insane haste to constantly see new, different and more we tend to loose our ability to be, just to be...
Taking photos helps me appreciate the moment and object in question. It helps me discover those divine aspects of ordinary bordering on divine, which keeps me a bit more grounded.
Even in our area these patches of wildflowers are becoming rare. Most are obsessed with neatness and deem a meadow filled with wildflowers a challenge to be met with a tractor.
If I am not mistaken, this is wild sorrel and from what some of the older ladies have told me, they go and pick sorrel to make salads. Don't worry, as I am not quite sure if it is sorrel I won't make a salad from it. Aren't they fabulous?


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