Monday, 14 May 2018

Walnuts And Port.

A new tipple in the making?

I was with a friend this morning and she showed me an article about the many uses of walnuts. That is if one has a walnut tree which we do. Two in fact but who is counting. The recipe had a surefire way to emulate Port.

Alas, I am quite versed in normal wines but Port has me lacking in knowledge and stupidly I asked if Port wasn't another name for brandy. Well, far from it and just to prove a point she fetched a small bottle of the real stuff ( the really real one from Portugal ) and poured a bit for me to taste.

Yikes, ten in the morning was a touch early but I couldn't be rude and thus sipped a small amount of Port. Good gracious me, it was sweet and strong. Even a glass of water didn't hinder the lingering effects of that teaspoon full.

The mere word Port has a touch of nostalgia hinged to it. It reminds me of Georgette Heyer novels, Downton Abby and the English channel. Port had its rise to power & fame in the 17th century due to England having imposed high levels of taxation on French wines. Ah, where there is a will there is a way...

The recipe in question calls for fifty green walnuts cut into four pieces ( skin and all ), eight liters of red wine, a half liter of schnapps and some sugar. Of course I forgot to listen to the amount of sugar needed but less is more! I will keep you informed about all and any libations created by us.


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