Saturday, 19 May 2018

My Fourth Royal Wedding.

Weddings spanning a few decades.

For a moment I thought that I'd only been privy to three of these divine royal spectacles but then I spotted the second bride ( Duchess of York ) strut proudly down the aisle to find her seat. Strange, wasn't it to see the star of one of these weddings castigated to the part of a small bit player. I did find it rather rude, short sighted and bad mannered to not let her sit with her daughters. Honestly, let bygones be bygones.

Most, if not all of us were enthralled by Diana & Charles's wedding back in 1981 even though, seeing modern weddings in such splendorous colour makes me wonder how we saw anything by sitting in front of a small TV put on the teacher's desk at the front of our class? I do recall that our headmistress decided to let all of us watch the wedding at school, as she had realized that many of us might have been stricken by some mysterious illness. I was a part of it and with it, history.

Royalty, love them or hate them, but deep down most of us girls grew up dreaming of marrying a prince and perhaps this keeps the tradition going. A royal lotto of sorts. Only a handful of princes and billions of gals.

Today's royal wedding was stunning, nice and what a privilege to again have seen it unfold live on television. Bob ( yes, he was glued to it too ) and I have had the television on CNN or BBC since four this morning because the build up is part and parcel and if I would have lived in London, I would have stood along the route.

What both Bob and I relish apart from anything else is the dearth of political drama, sorry, soap opera that usually graces the news from morning to night. Here's hoping that this trend will continue as it was good to be reminded of the goodness in the world.


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