Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Devil Is In The Detail.

It seems to be a common bathroom affair...

It struck me just now that we are mostly the same. Different in so many ways yet essentially still the same. I went to visit a lady of the older generation and we were chatting as one does about this and that, which is when the topic came up.

Gosh how I laughed when she mentioned her bathroom nemisis...the scale.

" I wanted to throw stones at it it made me so cross! How dare it say what it did. "
it had made her so irate that she swore to forgo it for a week at least.
" It's like a devil in our bathroom, isn't it? We know we are going to singe our happiness away by a sheer number, yet, diabolically it baits us to stand on it."
Who loves standing on that hideous machine after all. At times a thought of donating it had crossed my mind, but how could I do that to someone else? Where would the kindness be...

A little contraption like that can have devilishly outrageous effects on our day, week and even life. The other day I made a promise to myself to only grace it with more than a big toe ( needed to switch on that electronic beast ) once a week as otherwise it would be too unsettling for me.

Those days where one ( I hope it isn't only me ) feels as light as a feather and deems it risk free to step on the scale, all mental hell breaks loose because that dreadful contraption starts showing hideous falsehoods. If ever there was a case for Fake News, this would qualify and stubbornly it sticks to it despite many re-tries. You know, those where we move the scale to the left, then stand on it a bit more forward and finally, resignation lets us start the day with a self flagellating piece of dry toast.

Yes, the devil is in the detail...