Tuesday, 8 May 2018

For The Love Of A Chicken.

A new perspective.

This morning I went to visit a friend in Deutsch Schützen but not before quickly popping in at my parents', where I was hoping for a late breakfast Semmel with mum's homemade jam but alas, I was a tad too late. Que cera...

Without further delay I ventured a bit further to see my friend. Bell rung, dogs held in check ( no, not ferocious but rather playful little mites who would take any gap to gap it ) and finally we sat outside on her small veranda. She lives on the ground floor and has made her tiny garden into a haven for fowl and co. Delightful, tranquil and interesting.

Her chickens are rather posh ( Silkies I think ) or at least look to be...bloomers all the way down to their talons but deep down they were pecking and heckling just like the rest of their fowl cousins. Among the handful of chickens who by the way are ruled by his mightiness the rooster ( he is almost twice their size ), a merry band of guinea pigs gaily played in the hay bales strategically strewn about resembling a fun obstacle course. Oh, they were having the best of fun chasing each other ( fowl and pig ), nipping repeatedly for water in the garden watering can while being watched over by a pair of protective guards a.k.a. geese.

Partitioned off slightly from the veranda were another set of four legged friends. The two dogs just like us, seemed hypnotized by the play being enacted in front of us. After repeated daily practice, the troupe has perfected it. It was so tranquil merely sitting and watching the various antics in play, that it made me realize that there actually is no difference between a cat, dog, chicken, pig or cow...all have individual personalities and none deserve to meet their maker merely for us to eat their meat.


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