Friday, 11 May 2018

Tigger Has Turned Into A Carbon Copy Of Mausi, The Primadonna.

Bad habits and so forth.

Where do I start in regards to our little Mausi? Cute as she is, she can lead us a merry dance and have us jump however high she wants us to. Bob more so than I! Food is our Achilles heel and her pea. If she doesn't like the first whiff of a dish, she'd rather starve than eat it. There have been times when I've mumbled something about money not growing on trees but she merely puts her nose in the air, flicks her tail and stomps off.

Bob tends to fall for her theatrics and gives her something else but lately on the sly as I am more old school.

" Eat what's on your plate. There are cats starving in Africa. "
...wonder where I've heard this before?

Those times when Mausi decided to throw meal tantrum, I would pick up her plate and take it outside to a deserving audience. Remember, Tigger our almost domesticated feral cat lives permanently on our lounge's window sill. She thinks it's Christmas when she can have those unwanted vittles, especially when she notices Mausi standing there with jealousy written all over her.

Well, as they say, the plot thickens...the other day, when I put out the vittles for Tigger and the other two feral lodgers ( naturally it is the cheaper kind and all due respect to them, but they are able to hunt for mice at their leisure, which Mausi isn't able to ) Tigger did a Mausi and decided to forgo her meal in order to wait for something more appealing. What had gotten into her? Normally she'll eat anything and everything but now she has gone upmarket in her tastes...

As you can imagine, Bob instead of giving her a lecture has turned the tables on me and admonished me for buying such cheap food. Well, I stuck to my guns for a day but when I heard her painful wheezing, my heart melted and along with it my principles. She is very old, has supported herself and more than likely a dozen litters for many years through the depth of Winter and the furnace of Summer so that now she deserves to live the rest of her live in culinary heaven...

Tigger's abode on the outside of our lounge's window sill. Glad she's taking life a bit easier...
Bob designed and made this cat's castle outside of our lounge window just before last Winter.


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