Thursday, 31 May 2018

Another Public Holiday In Burgenland.

And a hot one to boot.

A Thursday lends itself perfectly for a public holiday. Long weekends are taken, moods have lifted and outdoor life embraced to the fullest. It helps that today is another marvelous Summer's day. In fact the whole week has been blessed with temperatures reaching close to thirty degrees which goes a long way to wipe out any lingering memories of those two weeks in Winter when we had minus fifteen.

Bob and I drove earlier on to pick up his company car and along the way I caught glimpses of a public holiday. Cyclists are ubiquitous and a tad dangerous to circumnavigate on the road but Sundays and public holidays are theirs and good luck to anyone trying to wrestle the streets from them...

Hedges around the villages are still on the ascent which caused me to see glimpses of men gardening in their Speedo's. Yikes, a Speedo at the best of times is mind blowing but seeing the over 50's take to gardening in them is a sight too much. Clearly no young gun worth his reputation would parade about in these tight small spandex undies let alone take to cycling in them. Somehow they don't look very comfortable but obviously they must be.

Bob and most of the boys of his generation are still scarred with the memories of having to don these less than flattering spandex undies for swimming galas whilst at school. Obviously the odd one thought to parade about like the proverbial feathered bird little knowing that we gals in the stands were giggling and far from impressed.

Fashion has a terrible habit of boomeranging and I fervently hope that the tight small Speedos aren't part of on earth will I get Bob to go against the fashion then?


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