Wednesday, 9 May 2018

English Words Maquerading As German Words Or Vica Verca?

The Germanic roots.

Trying to make English a bit more interesting I bragged about the German and English language deriving from a similar place. I should have known that boys don't take anything unless it's proven:

" Oh really? Great, then give me some examples of it. "
Not surprisingly I failed to come up with any apart from a rather weak Water and Wasser which hardly counts. Well, I turned to the trusty source of Google and found some examples which we all use most of the time without realizing their uniqueness to both languages. I've used capitals to denote the German side of them.
  • Bitter, Banal, Beige, Intelligent and Irrelevant.
  • Legal, Liberal and Loyal.
  • Rational, Relevant and Turbulent.
  • Hammer, Hunger and Olive.
  • Balance, Bank and Butter.
  • Macho, Minister and Museum.
  • Radio, Reflex and Religion.
  • Winter, Wolf and Zone.

Some of the words almost sound the same although they are spelled slightly different.

  • Tochter...daughter.
  • Pflaster...plaster.
  • Pfeffer....pepper.
  • Maus...mouse.


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