Saturday, 5 May 2018

Sounds Of A Warm Saturday Afternoon.

Preceded by an interesting trip to the mall.

The various lawn mowing machines are predominantly heard. A constant buzz only broken by the whirl of an airplane, helicopter or loud motorbike. The pied piper of sunshine lets many motorbikes be hauled out of winter storage and driven proudly about the neighbourhood but there are only so many lanes to parade a show piece that in the end it becomes a trifle boring compared to riding on an open road.

Dogs; despite there not being that many in our village ( one wouldn't think so with all the little smelly parcels deceptively left all over lawns and lanes ) make themselves heard but oddly, it is a rather comforting and homely sound.

Earlier today the Bobster and I did a stint of shopping in town which included a few laps at the mall. What no South African would ever even dream of doing, Burgenlander's do all the time. Dogs by virtue of not having to extend themselves beyond couch surfing, bed hopping and long walks have a different rung on our social ladder. Dogs are part of the family ( with the odd cruel exception ) and thus come along on shopping excursions, drives and holidays.

Dogs, as long as they are on a leash are allowed everywhere their owner is. Restaurants, shops, loos and supermarkets. Today was rather comical. At first a pair of German shepherds stepped closely next to their owner. A few seconds later a new pooch entered the fray and much to Bob's annoyance, barked no, yapped to its heart's content. An extremely tiny Yorkshire terrier who obviously had a good self image proceeded to bark furiously at the two larger dogs. Too cute for words, too loud for Bob.

Despite being labeled a fashion accessory, I must admit to having a fond liking for them. Years ago whilst staying with my Grandparents for a while, I would often take their Yorkshire terrier for walks. Well, carried would be a more apt term as this little one was stubborn as could be, refusing to take any unwanted steps. Of course this little bundle was treated like a queen, spoiled as none of the children ever were and treasured for the unwavering attention and love it gave.

Bob despite grumbling at the irritating yapping had a twinkle in his eye while watching the performance unfold and when I mumbled how much I'd love a dog like that, I could see him speculating life with wife, three cats and a dog...!


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