Tuesday, 1 May 2018

A Picture Book First Of May.

A predictor for summer?

Quiet returns to our house after a long weekend. A few moments ago we waved Aufwiedersehen to our friends and with it au revoir to another year of wine tasting. The weather behaved perfectly and in fact we've had the pleasure of five consecutive days of sunshine, blue skies and a laissez faire attitude. What more can one ask for?

Despite it being May Day, I did a stint of work, work and then some work at home. Yes, laundry needs to be attended to although, I love doing laundry in summer. Walking up to our washing line with my basket and then leisurely hanging clothes, towels and today duvets is akin to meditation for me. Sounds silly after what many a suffragette fought for but, staying home and taking care of the mundane tasks is rather nice.

When I took the washing off the line and headed indoors to make the bed with it, Bob came to help me cover the duvets. Of course it is Miss Nosy Parker's favourite thing and before we knew, she was merrily crawling underneath the fitted sheets, grinning from ear to ear. Each time I have her " helping " me with sorting out the bed, my heart melts a little bit more. Bob of course is putty in her paws and was tickled pink to see her having such a fun time.

Cats are amazing and adaptable. Each time we have family or friends to stay, Bob and I move to the back bedroom and thus, Mausi does too. The other night I woke up and heard her cleaning herself from what seemed like the floor at the bottom of our bed. Bob was sleeping soundly so I whispered Mausi's name. She instantly stopped her cleaning ritual and made a sound like: mmmhhhh while at the same time leaping up to cuddle next to my shoulder, purring with happiness.

Life is fabulous but during the summer season it moves up a notch to fabulous squared.