Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Stumbling Across A Chestnut Tree While Walking Into The Stillness Of An Early Sunday Morning.

Food for the soul.

I have to confess that I had to ask a friend of mine about the nature of this divine tree. A chestnut tree it turned out to be but I had no idea of the magnificence of its blossoms.
It looks so soft, cuddly and delicate almost perfect for any artist's still life model.
A bit earlier I had the fortune to witness the sun's rays waking up another vineyard.
Colours become richer and details clearer. A portrait of a vineyard in Deutsch Schützen.
Finding a left alone meadow is getting harder and harder. The mingling of various wildflowers in a random yet seemingly organized strategy is a joy to behold.
As it won't be long now before these shrubs, of what I like to call Elephant's ears, will meet their choppy end, I thought you wouldn't mind having another look at them.


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