Sunday, 27 May 2018

Nice To See Charlene Unwind.

A fabulous Monaco Grand Prix.

I don't know what is more exciting, the actual race or the build up before it. We are fortunate enough to have Nico Rosberg be one of the commentators for RTL. Funny insights and tips are extremely entertaining although, whilst he was standing in front of Lewis's car, no nod of recognition was seen. Perhaps after the race.

The race itself was great even though yours truly did drop in and out sleep during the middle of the race. Needn't necessarily have been the race...reclining on the couch is dangerous at the best of times. Bob's voice would drag me out of my dreamy state by asking me questions which I even managed to answer. A talented napper it seems.

Red Bull drove a fantastic race and Daniel deserves his win. It is easy to win when the car is in top shape but it transpired that Daniel had to deal with several problems at the same time for most of the race. A true champion. Isn't it nice to see him always so happy? As for the Shoey affair, now that was super exciting. Will he or won't he let his Royal Highness have a taste of his shoe was the question on everyone's lips.

Despite calls from the crowd he diplomatically solved the etiquette dilemma. How brilliant to see Charlene take a sip from the big champagne bottle...although, it suspiciously looked like she didn't so perhaps a little prince or princess is on the way!

This was the first time I saw her happily and publicly hold her husband's hand, exchange a few loving glances with him and laugh naturally. How utterly divine to see her this happy.

Sport does bring out the best in people...


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