Friday, 13 May 2016

A Rare Friday The 13th To Start A Long Weekend.

A good omen.

Even the rain has stopped for a while at least which is rather a good thing as I have am meeting someone to walk with at nine. Only if it doesn't rain of far so good.

Have you also felt a changing of energy? For some reasons, life's traffic lights in my paths have mostly synchronized into a nice long lasting green. A case of mind over matter?

Somehow when we are in the right or positive frame of mind, even the real lights turn green. Luckily, there aren't any traffic lights within 20 odd kilometers from us, but if you live in a metropolis, why don't you try it out? Drive around and see what colours the universe turns the lights for you...yes, I know it's a bit of a stretch, but try it anyway.

Last week, I finally picked up one of those cold-bugs that people are so bent on sharing with others. This one couldn't be helped, because I had to drive someone to the doctors with a cold. But, you know, it wasn't such a terrible thing after all.

It made me realize how important a bit of rest is to our bodies. We have all been brought up with the belief that only near death is an excuse to stay off work, or school. Yet, don't our bodies need a time out too? Nowadays it is a luxury to be able to stay at home for a few days, nursing your cold.

Being at home with a cold means you can get through it without those much advertised cold remedies and instead use the traditional ones, the ones made by nature. Honey, ginger, lemon, cumin and the lovely garlic...oh yes, best stay at home for that.

Taking a bit of time out, does wonders for the body and soul, not to mention the lack of passing on a cold to others. As a society we've arranged our life and lifestyle in such a way, that taking a few days out of our schedule is near impossible. Bills to be paid, work to be done and school material to be learnt.

When a high school student is afraid to get sick because she wouldn't be able to catch up on the lessons missed out on, it should make us sit up and take notice.

The term deleveraging is mostly used by the big companies but it wouldn't be a bad thing if more of us did it too. Deleveraging our lifestyle would take a lot of pressure off us. Enough, to economically survive a few days off with a cold...