Friday, 6 May 2016

Ascension Day Or Holy Thursday For Some & A Long Weekend For Others.

The sun came out as if on cue.

Our area is predominantly Catholic and yesterday's Ascension Day was celebrated and a few confirmations and communions were being held in many parishes around the areas. How do I know? Well, even though a religious holiday should be introspective and soul searching, the modern lure of social media had many guests pose at the various family functions. Ce la vie...

Most of the schools in Burgenland are having a long, very long weekend, and as you can imagine, the mood is buoyant all over. Parents, students and the long suffering teacher are sleeping in, lounging about and possibly counting down the hours of their mini holiday.

The shops are thankfully under lock and key, thus giving the staff a well deserved rest and taking the temptation of going to the mall on a public holiday out of the equation. Having previously worked most public holidays in a mall and even shopping in them when I wasn't working makes me extremely appreciative of the ( mostly ) regulated shopping hours in Austria.

Sundays & Public Holidays are closed.

Knowing that you cannot go and spend your dosh on silly impulse buys in a mall, lets you focus on the usual aspects of a public holiday. Spending time with family, having a leisurely breakfast at home, and most importantly just being.

The last few days we have been blessed with a lot of rain - I say blessed, because some parts of the world are suffering through serious droughts at the moment - but even though, I was extremely pleased to see the sun emerge from hibernation. Not to mention Bob, who donned his shorts while skipping happily about mumbling how great it was to see the sun.

In our euphoric worship of the sunshine, we even did two loads of washing, hung them on our washing line outside and golly gosh, they were dry by five o'clock.

As it was a public holiday we also partook in a leisurely breakfast of boiled eggs and fresh rolls and decided to have pancakes and apple sauce for lunch. Don't ever underestimate the humble pancake because not only does it taste great, but it also reminds us of eating pancakes as children.

Who didn't love pancake day? My brother and I used to count each and every pancake the other had...and our poor mum had to make a gazillion pancakes but always in even numbers. We mostly had apple sauce and a sprinkling of sugar in each rolled pancake while Bob only had his pancake rolls with freshly squeezed lemon and a dash of sugar mixed with cinnamon.

Oh, I almost times my pancakes do resemble dried leather and taste alarmingly similar. Well, I thought I'd try a different way of making pancakes yesterday. I separated the egg whites and beat them into a frothy, triple in size mixture and folded it back into the flour, milk & egg yolk mixture afterwards. Very nice and fluffy indeed...


A beautiful bunch of flowers growing in the vineyards.