Saturday, 7 May 2016

Family Advice, Oh Dear How Nice...

The lure of a quick cure.

A while ago one of my numerous aunts spent a few days visiting and instantly understood our attraction to this bit of Burgenland's paradise. Wine, sunshine and plenty of time to enjoy it all.

She did have one little thorn in her side and it had to do with the lack of waste bins along the country lanes. Why would she care...well, she has a most delightful and rather amply fed little sausage dog of sorts who of course needs to walk a few times a day to do his business.

But don't be fooled by his cuteness as he did sneak a cooked piece of steak off the grill which made my aunt feel embarrassed to no end. We all thought it was tres funny except for the Bobster, as it was meant to be his piece of meat!

Anyway, it is all very well being conscientious and law abiding. My aunt went for numerous walks and took along tiny plastic bags for the dog's business but alas there was nowhere to put that smelly bag afterwards. An alarming lack of rubbish bins along the numerous paths around the vineyards.

Isn't it rather quaint how pet owners praise their pets for each and every main business accomplished? Even Bob and I sing Mausi's praises ( through our noses mostly ) when she gives us a smelly offering.

The last time another one of my aunts was here, she had to carry a poo bag until we got home. Her dog is rather large and I shouldn't have to paint you a picture...Once I took the lovely Leo for a solo walk and had to carry a large and very smelly bundle for half an hour. Yikes.

Oh, I nearly forgot about my aunts advice. She is an enthusiastic supporter of the idea of having at least a one minute ice cold shower after the usual hot one. In my 20's and 30's I followed a similar routine as I had read about a German woman who lived an extremely long and healthy life which she attributed to these ice cold showers.

Somehow a cold shower is easily done in South Africa though it takes some getting used to in the colder climes. So far, I've almost got a weeks worth of icy showers to my name, and do feel a bit more healthy and vigorous.

Apart from feeling the odd cold shiver I do have to smile when Bob showers after me...he never checks the temperature gauge and screams like a girl when faced with icy cold water...