Saturday, 21 May 2016

Storks & Sheep On Top Of Wine.

What more do you want?

" Is that how you want me to pose? " fluid elegance despite the unwashed appearance!

Isn't this sheep gorgeous? Never mind the looks department, I love the fact that this flock of sheep is used to graze in and among the vineyards...yes, some vintners are starting to go green!
As for this lot...look closely on top of the chimney. Yes, a couple of storks or a stork couple? right next to the main road leading into Deutsch Schützen. There is at least one more roof that's occupied by storks in Deutsch Schützen. Funny how none are in Eisenberg despite there being a boom in children recently!
Another model pose, don't you think? A bit reminiscent of Zoolander and Blue Steel....
No animal in this photo, but I like the wood stacked next to the house, and the tree giving a lot of shade.
To end off, another model know I think it is a male sheep after all.