Monday, 23 May 2016

No Reason To Sleep In Late...

Summer cheer is here!

Have you also experienced it? The wake up call from the neighbourhood's bird association? Gosh, they start early and with an open window, it could be easily mistaken for your own special opera performance.

The other day while we were sitting outside in the late afternoon sun, Bob asked me to close my eyes and count the number of different birds tweeting. Just by closing my eyes, the proliferation of different bird peeps, was amplified.

Take this morning for example, a typical Burgenland morning, one where the sun is already at a happy stance in the sky and the birds are conversing with gay abandon. Too beautiful for words. Even the woodpecker's dull knocking hasn't undermined the symphony in progress.

One voice that occasionally joins in tends to be out of tune so to say; our little cat is lounging on the window sill and taking in the various chirps and tweets with a quivering tail. The minute she actually sees the singer in question, she gets all excited and does a fair rendition of cat meows...those that mean that she'd like to have a closer acquaintance with the birds.

At times, Mausi sits on the inside of our window, and Tigger opposite her on the outside and they do their sniffing and greeting routine through the mosquito netting. All cute and cuddly until our little Mausi hisses like a banshee and with an angry growl and swipe, knocks her elderly companion off the window sill...rather a shock for both Bob and I to see our little princess behave like a rude termagant...

Just a little purple beauty to start the week...a delightful plant on the verge of the wheat fields.