Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Case Of The Missing Blue Rubber Balls.

Another dimension to our house perhaps?

All parents and pet owners do profess the same sentiment:

" Isn't our little darling the prettiest, cleverest and cutest? "
and I have to concur and mention that our little Mausi fits right in.

When she first joined our family, we had a collection of toys awaiting her, some donated and some bought, yet there was one toy that she fell in love with. My parents bought her a little blue rubber ball and as soon as she saw it, that was it...

Gosh, she flicked this ball like a football star and loved to kick it under the cupboard and only to let it bounce off the wall in the hope it would shoot out on the other side. Often it did, but not always.

At first she tried with all of her might to get her paw underneath the cupboard and when that didn't bear fruit she sat and called her dad, with a saddest collage of meows. Nice acting on her side because each and every time, she had the Bobster kneeling down in front of the cupboard whilst doing a sweep with the broom handle.

I wish you could have seen it...Bob with his broom, Mausi in near euphoria at the prospect of getting her blue ball back and honestly, I just sat back and waited for a minute because as soon as she had the ball, she flicked it right back underneath...there have been times that Bob has fallen for her trick three times in a row!

The first blue ball must have disappeared into another dimension because we've searched high and low with no sighting. When we are at the pet shop, Bob keeps on buying her a blue ball and five have now joined the missing lot.

On Wednesday we got the fifth one and also a marked down orange soft furry toy with a bell inside. Without telling Bob, I hid the blue ball ( still with its orange price tag attached ) in a basket on the back window sill. Bob gave her the other orange toy and she was in feline heaven for about ten minutes.

Later in the afternoon, we were sitting on the couch when out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of blue and orange. Goodness me, did I laugh and also feel proud of our little cat...there she must have been lounging on her perch when she noticed a familiar looking blue ball. Gosh, that ball didn't stand a chance and true to form, it has joined the other members of the elusive blue ball family.


Mausi loves her furry toy.