Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Our Cat's A House Cat, Plain & Simple.

A life of luxury.

Millions of cats the world over are pure house cats and don't roam along the avenues of danger. At first it wasn't my intention to have Mausi be an inside cat but when I got her I was advised to keep her inside for at least one month because there are so many dangers in the rural areas. Hunters, martins, foxes, tractors and of course fast cars.

Have you ever thought about the dangers lurking in the normal roaming ground of a cat? Poisons galore, old wells, turf wars with feral cats and the ubiquitous cars driving a tad to fast. Quite frightening and overwhelming for a small cat.

Visiting a local pet shop to get more morsels for our feline princess had me voice a slight bit of doubt to one of the staff there. Without hesitation she put my mind at ease:

" I've had four of my beloved cats run over by a tractor and now my cat is an inside cat only. She is very happy and well adjusted cat. "

The Bobster and I are having a fun time at the moment. Our first feline princess, Tigger who is a feral yet paradoxically gets a daily meal from us, has noticed the other apple of our eye, Mausi and is courting her with fervour. Even now, after living in Tigger's compound for nearly five years, years where we gave her a square meal daily, she has not let us come nearer than two meters.

That is until the new princess came to the castle. Suddenly, an aged Tigger is hopping on our high window sill in order to observe Mausi, who leads her a song and dance routine, jumping from one window to the next and having poor old Tigger following suit.

When I fall asleep on the couch and wake up to a scream from some late night horror flick, I now have the added pleasure of seeing a dark shape in the window. After a few heart stopping moments, I realized it was our batty Tigger waiting to catch a glimpse of the little cat...

Anyway, the two of them do a daily morning ritual of sniffing each other through the window, but eventually little Mausi loses interest and plonks herself down on either my or Bob's lap.

We've given this lovely cat a home and opened our hearts to her and even though some of you might say that a cat has to be outside, we have a friendly, happy and well adjusted cat.

Tigger and Mausi having a chat on in our window.
What to us is a window is to her an exciting movie.