Sunday, 1 May 2016

And Suddenly, I Saw A Fig Tree.

Burgenland has its surprises after all...

You know, I wouldn't have even noticed it, but a friend of mine took me to it...a secret location, as there aren't enough figs for everyone! The, for want of a better word, mother fig tree, had been chopped down and this new one is still a collection of overgrown twigs. Stylish, nonetheless.
They look like small boxing gloves, or like small green lightbulbs, or like a future jar of fig jam...
Just in case you thought I had invented this fig tree, which let's face it is rather strange for Austria, here is it in front of our Eisenberg vista.
Another side to our Eisenberg.
Another thirst quencher for the soul...
I just love the combination of colours and the clear lines of the branches.