Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Leafy Part Of Town...?

And just like that, the cold weather left.

The blue sky had been missing for a few days, but when it greeted us yesterday morning, it was so majestic and provided the best background for some leaves.
No blue, just a wooden roof, but I love the simplicity of it, which hightlights the richness of it.
Walking passed this purple beauty, I merely focused on it and only when I looked closely, did I see the holy statue guarding it. Rather a nice feel.
There is this vibrant attractive tree guarding an old and slightly derelict Kellerstock. Each time I walk alongside it, the sight of these light green leaves is delightfully soothing for my soul.
Just look at this beautiful day we had yesterday...just in time for the Weinfrühling that is happening today and tomorrow.
This is pure soul-candy...enjoy your Saturday and I hope it'll be a fantastic one.