Sunday, 10 April 2016

Shouldn't You Rather Park Your Dosh In Extremely Liquid Assets?

A wonderful new idea for a haven...

Everyone and their uncle Charlie seem to have fallen for the idea of putting their dosh into far away climes, never to be seen again. What, is the use of that?

Why don't you rather enjoy your hard earned money in our wine-haven, right here in Südburgenland? Well, let's be honest, is there anything nicer than spending your wherewithal on some highly liquid assets?

Some of you might scoff and mumble that you cannot invest in junk bonds, but let me reassure you that some of the liquid assets in our village are triple rated with awards by various wine connoisseurs. Imagine, sipping your way through your portfolio and getting a nice buzz oh, sorry, return for your hard work?

Have you ever wondered what a holiday in a wine haven would be like? Well, once your car has reached the top of the hill and starts its descent into Eisenberg ( and might I mention that the road leading to us is saluted for miles by tall standing trees ) your breath will be taken away by the vista laid out for you.

Vines, fruit trees, forests and Kellerstöckls as far as you can see. Having chosen a place to rest your stressed body for a few days, you can let your car hibernate too, secure in the knowledge that most places in and around Eisenberg are walk-able.

We are small and quaint enough to have a taxi service known only by the owner's name...very Agatha Christie like.

Gosh, there is more to holidays than beach, bikini and martinis...A holiday in a wine haven is one where you can walk between the various vineyards, wine estates and speak to the vintner while tasting his wines, make notes and order more which you can have sent to your home.

Imagine a holiday with us, where the only choices you have to make are to do with food, wine and having a good time. Just in case you've imbibed too much, never fear, a spa is near...

Of course, I have to be honest and inform you, that once you've had a glimpse of our wine haven, it's not so easy to forget...

Just a simple lane through part of the vineyards... further explanations needed...!