Saturday, 23 April 2016

Our Darling Cat Encounters Coconut Oil.

A spiky hairdo ensues...

Even though she is a house cat only, yet cleverly (!) she has managed to get herself a few tiny companions running wild among her fur. We think she picked up her guests while playing incessantly among the chopped wood pile. That source has been cut off to her as we now keep the chopped logs in an enclosed box.

Tiny insects on a cat are nothing new but still, not nice for her or us. Seeing her scratch madly makes us itch with her. We've been lured into trying the chemical antidote to fleas etc, but those are not very effective.

Someone told me the other day that putting coconut oil on a dog or cat's fur, keeps the fleas at bay and makes their coat shiny and soft to boot. A trusty Google research confirmed this and luckily I had a batch of coconut oil in the fridge. Yes, fridge as it is in solid form until you heat up.

But before I could do the deed, I had to circumvent a concerned dad. Bob didn't want his princess to have anything that wasn't good for her. A few Google moments later, Bob agreed and we tag teamed her in the bathroom. Cats aren't very fond of having stuff put on them...

Well, little Mausi was a star and merely closed her eyes in silent ( and imagined ) suffering but after a while she enjoyed having her body massaged. Not so sure about the smell though...

The minute we put her down, she ran off while licking her back at times. Don't fret, even if they ingest the oil, it is good for them. Of course, having a bit of oil rubbed into the fur, makes it greasy and clumped together which rather looked as if it had been gelled. Too funny for words. Bob thought she looked like a 70's punk rocker ...

As for the creepy crawly population, they seem to have lessened considerably and I have found a few tiny bodies that have gone to meet their maker.

Mausi's fur is ultra shiny and soft at the moment and quite frankly, I am starting to consider the option of rubbing a bit of coconut oil into my hair...although, instead of a punk chick I will resemble a drowned rat for sure.

Never mind, I can mimic the iconic UB40's song...There's a rat in my kitchen what am I gonna do? straight after the taking their other classic song, Red, red wine... to heart!


Her new favourite perch is atop the washing machine...her look says it all: " You did this to me! "